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"This Time" Credit Cover Photo Tile + NFT

"This Time" Credit Cover Photo Tile + NFT

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(1 of 1) Photo Tile + NFT

In support of the #BehindTheRecord and #GiveCredit initiatives from The Recording Academy®, this is a Credit Cover for my album This Time, a unique, displayable 1-of-1 digi-physical product.

Photo Tile Details:

8" × 8" photo tile wall art, with NFC chip powered by IYK® — tap with your phone to claim the paired 1-of-1 NFT, and to access exclusive digital content. Professionally printed with durable inks on certified archival paper designed to last for 100+ years. Matte finish features a semi-gloss giclee paper with rich color and a matte, satin coating, wrapped around ¼” hardboard with blurred edge. Easy, removable adhesive backing for wall display.

NFT details:

Blockchain:      Base Mainnet
Contract:        0x74c0...7439
Symbol:               $MTSIYK1
Block Number:         17181650
Edition:                1 of 1
Standard:              ERC-721
Token ID:                   12
ENS:             mikeshupp.eth
View Original:       image/png

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